Highlight misconceptions in Physics

In questi giorni è arrivata notizia che il nostro progetto sottoposto a TIME (Top Industrial Managers for Europe), un’associazione che riunisce più di 50 università di tutto il mondo impegnate nell’insegnamento universitario, è stato accettato e finanziato. Il progetto, avente come argomento

“Highlight misconceptions in Physics”

è coordinato dal sottoscritto e coinvolge, oltre al Politecnico di Milano [IT], altre 3 università

Questo l’abstract del progetto

“This project aims at identifying and overcoming the most significant and widespread misconceptions shown by first-year university students enrolled for engineering, in relation to their basic knowledge of Physics, with specific reference to Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism and Optics. It will be developed by Politecnico di Milano along with two foreign universities that offer physics and engineering courses as well as with another Italian institution, Università di Trento, which provides pedagogic support.

Our project consists of three main stages which are closely connected with each other.

1. First of all, data about the above mentioned misconceptions will be gathered by each institution through the use of ad hoc tests, questionnaires, problems and any other instruments that may prove to be appropriate. These tests will be identical for all the universities involved and will be arranged by the Experimental teaching lab. ST2 of Politecnico di Milano in cooperation with Università di Trento, which will address respectively the topics of physics and the typology and educational aptness of the tests themselves.

2. The second stage focuses on comparing and contrasting the misconceptions expressed by the students attending the different universities involved in the project: they would constitute an experimentally validated database. The most widespread and noteworthy misconceptions will be selected for the third step.

3. Purchase of an initial amount of materials that will be used for carrying out physics experiments with a view to overcome the misconceptions emerging from the first data analysis. The aim is to record a trial video that will serve as a first model for a series of videos (in Open Educational Resources philosophy, OER) that will help students to overcome misconceptions in physics.

The TIME project will be part of a wider research project of the Politecnico di Milano and Università di Trento, focused on the use of open and distance learning in engineering education, that will also involve both high school and undergraduate students who have already attended a course in Physics.”


[Aggioramento 10/04/2018]

Su ResearchGate ho creato un progetto omonimo in cui verranno caricati i documenti, i dati, le analisi e i risultati di quanto svolto col progetto TIME.


[Aggiornamento 04/10/2018]

Di seguito le slide (qui il link per scaricarle) della presentazione che ho svolto quest’oggi per la General Assembly 2018 di TIME

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